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Mission Statement

"Living God's kingdom by nurturing friendship with the people of Taulabe in the joyful spirit of love, respect and humanity"

The idea was brought up at a parish council in 2001. The idea for a global ministry comes from the fact that our Catholic faith is universal which encompasses all of God’s children.  That is how the Twinning committee – Sister Parish relationship with San Gaspar began in 2002.

Our ministry focuses on education.  It is about providing an opportunity for young people in and around the village of Taulabe

The programs are funded through sponsorship programs, coffee sales and fundraising. 

Please check out the Sponsorship and Amigos Unidos links to learn more about this ministry.

The mystery of the poor is this: That they are Jesus, and what you do for them you do for him. It is the only way we have of knowing and believing in our love. The mystery of poverty is that by sharing in it, making ourselves poor in giving to others, we increase our knowledge of and belief in love.  —Dorothy Day


In 2020, you can find us at the West Bend Farmer's Market on the following dates: June 13 - will be vendors with produce only, July 11, August 8, and October 17.

The May 23rd date is cancelled because the Farmer's Market will not be opening until May 30th.

Sponsorship Program

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Sponsor a child….and change a life.  

In Honduras, the government provides education through the sixth grade.  For many youth, the certainty of another school year is not the guarantee that it is here in the U.S.  Many cannot afford the costs that accompany an education:  registration fees, school supplies, transportation, and possibly room and board.  Those who cannot afford to continue their education will work at low paying jobs, if they can find one, for the rest of their lives.  Without education, the vicious cycle of poverty continues.

Here’s how it works.  

Sponsorship levels are $20 or $40 per month.  $40/month will fund a child’s education.  If you choose the $20/month level, we will pair you with another sponsor and assign you a child to share.  Sponsors at both levels will receive information on their child, letters, and a photo.  Your sponsorship donation covers tuition, supplies, traveling expenses and in some cases, room & board.   This program is volunteer run, so 100% of your donation goes directly to the education program.  The donation appears on your church statement along with your weekly giving.

For more information, contact:    

Joe Gresser at 262-707-5682 or email at  [email protected] 

Karen Gresser at 262-707-4962 or email at [email protected]


Amigos Unidos - Grade School Program 

In 2009, the Twinning committee started “Amigos Unidos”, (translates to “close friends”), to help young children attend grade school. Money for this program is raised by selling “Fair Trade” coffee, raffles, bake sales and other fundraising efforts. We work for the educational and physical welfare of an extensive community in Taulabe, Honduras. The average cost of keeping a child in elementary school for a year is between $30.00 and $35.00.  Proceeds go to provide school supplies, book bags, shoes, and school uniforms to over 100 grade school children in Taulabe, Honduras.


"Fair Trade" coffee, tea and cocoa is available to purchase after Masses on the first Sunday of the month. There will be no sales after Mass on June 7th because of COVID-19. The next sale is scheduled for July 12th. 


In 2018 we started a breakfast program for a school in a mountain village.  We have since added two other schools.  A nutritious meal is provided for children in three remote mountain villages.  The teacher of each school helps to get the needed supplies and the meal is prepared by the mothers of these children.  These projects are overseen by our colleagues in Taulabe, with whom we meet biannually to evaluate our programs.

For information on how you can help, contact Karen Gresser at 262-707-4962 or by email at:  [email protected] 

Amigos Unidos Coffee-Cocoa-Tea Order-100% Fair Trade


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