In the Heart of Barton

Staff Listing


Photo of Father Nathan Reesman
Father Nathan Reesman


Photo of Father Andrew Infanger

Father Andrew Infanger

Associate Pastor

Photo of Mary Abel

Mary Abel

Director of Religious Education

Photo of Rick Doll

Rick Doll

Director of Administration

Photo of Beth Habersetzer

Beth Habersetzer

Liturgy & Music Coordinator

Photo of Jan Kolb

Jan Kolb

Shared Community Life Coordinator

Photo of Amanda Kroening

Amanda Kroening

Catholic Formation Program Assistant

Photo of Russ Lee

Russ Lee

Shared Director of Maintenance

Photo of Rhonda Prim

Rhonda Prim

Office Manager

Photo of Katie Schaitberger

Katie Schaitberger

Shared Pastoral Associate

Photo of Sam Stremlau

Sam Stremlau

Maintenance Assistant

Photo of Tammy Waech

Tammy Waech

Shared Communications Coordinator