In the Heart of Barton

Senior Adult Ministry

Senior Adult Ministry (SAM) means many different things to many different people.  What is SAM....what would be a good definition of SAM?  The five parishes of Holy Angels, Saint Frances Cabrini, Saint Mary's Immaculate Conception, and Holy Trinity in Newburg and in Kewaskum use the definition of Dr. Richard Johnson, Ph.D, executive director of the Association for Senior Adult Ministry, "SAM is the creation and execution of Spiritual development activities, opportunities and exercises all designed to enrich the connection of the senior adult with God and the community."  Spiritual development is the heart of SAM.

The five parishes mentioned above develop this definition by providing outings and gatherings, about 6 to 7 times a year, with spiritual and social components.  The parishes have been collaborating on this for many years.  A committee consisting of representatives from each of the parishes meets on a regular basis to plan and co-ordinate the activities.  The central goal of our Senior Adult Ministry is being concerned with enabling seniors to grow continually in faith and discipleship.  Information about upcoming events is circulated by way of parish bulletins, flyers, and one of the best ways "tell a friend about it!"