In the Heart of Barton



For the month of June, Scrip will be available out-of-box only in the parish office during open hours.

(10am-12noon Monday-Thursday)



What is Scrip?

Scrip is a dollar-for-dollar gift card/gift certificate fundraiser for St. Mary's Families and Friends.


How does Scrip work?

The Scrip program buys gift cards at a discount, and in turn sells them at normal price.  You purchase the gift cards and use them to buy normal everyday items.  For example, if you want a $10.00 gift card to Arby's, you make a check out to St. Mary's Home and School for $10.00.  In turn, you will receive a $10.00 gift card to Arby's.  You will lose no money.  Since the Scrip program purchased the gift card at a 10% discount ($9.00), there is a $1.00 proceed.


Who benefits from Scrip?

Proceeds from the program help offset Catholic school tuition, Religious Education tuition and fees, and the Parish.


How is school tuition offset?

Proceeds from Scrip are split 50/50.  The parish receives 50% of the rebate from each sale. The other 50% is directed to a particular student's tuition, REP tuition, Parish fund.  NOTE:  You must fill out a form to indicate where your Scrip proceeds will be directed.  These forms are available at the Scrip table after Mass, the Parish Office, or by clicking here.


How do you order Scrip?

You may use the order form which offers popular stores, restaurants, and gas stations in the local West Bend area.  Enter the quantities and dollar amounts, total your sheet, and turn in your order.  All Scrip orders must by in by Monday at 8:00 am to the parish office.  You can pay with either check or cash.  You must pay for your order before it will be filled.  You can also purchase Scrip after Mass in the church lobby.  NOTE: You can order Scrip to pay for your Kohl's bill. You just take the card into the store to make payment.


When do you pick up your Scrip?

Orders will be filled during the week and may be picked up in the office, or after any weekend Mass.  In addition, Scrip users who signup for an online account and choose to enroll in PrestoPay may purchase ScripNow (Gift certificates sent directly to you via email) or Reload (an option to add additional monies to already purchased gift cards.)

Can you order Scrip every week?

Orders may be placed for physical gift cards every week after Mass or by 8:00 AM Monday in the Parish Office. There are a few exceptions to this rule depending on holidays and/or holy days when the office will be closed. In addition, Scrip takes the month of July off for bookkeeping and inventory control procedures for physical cards. During July, online orders using ScripNow and/or ReLoad may continue.


What if you have questions?

Please call the parish office if you have any questions.