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Living History of Saint Mary's School

Living History of Saint Mary’s School


...a Living History

GREETINGS to St. Mary’s Alumni and Parish Members,

St. Mary’s School is no longer a “day” school, but we have continued to operate this past year utilizing every room with religious education classes and programs for our children. It is and remains inclusive for our children in grades 1 through 11 for Religious Education Classes.

Our school is the perfect place to display memorabilia pertaining to the school, and it would be a “Living History” with displays within the school building on the past and living into the future with the continuation of religion classes and instructions. By combining the past with today and the future, the possibilities for our school are endless.

A core group was established with the full support of Pastor Nate Reesman and St. Mary’s Parish Council. The group’s goal was to create “Living History” displays within the school showcasing our past as well as our current use of this historic building. As part of this project, we will be recreating the original 1850 schoolroom.

We can, as part of the historical district of Barton, be an outreach to our neighborhood, our community and our alumni. Our work will have no end but rather will go on with those who come after us. This is the essence of the spirit of our parish and community – St. Mary’s and Barton.

In order to fund St. Mary’s “Living History” project, we need your help. Our funding is unique because it can come in innovative ways, one of which is the sale of personalized brick pavers which will be placed along the sidewalk leading to the original entrance to the school on Monroe Street as well as other areas. Please click here for an order form for your use.

If you are alumni of St. Mary’s, your memories of your time here are precious. If you are a member of our parish and have sent your children to school here, you know how important this base of education was to your family. We look to preserve and continue St. Mary’s “Living History” and we thank you for your contribution. And if you have “memorabilia” of any type that could be included in our displays, please contact Mary Abel at 262-338-5605.


“Living History” Core Group Members

Mary Abel                              Mary Bartol                 Kay Claas                      Kris Deiss                             

Jackie Henderleiter                Harriet Martin         Mary Moll                   Jerry Meulemans           Jeff Slais               Lisa Stoffel

(Nov., 2017)




St. Mary’s school closed at the end of the school year in June 2016. It first opened in 1856 and had been operating for 160 years. The school had been the longest continually operating Catholic school in the state, and the third oldest in the nation.

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Saint Mary's School Living History Personalized Brick Pavers

Please support St. Mary's School Living History by purchasing a brick paver.

Click Here for Details and Printable Order Information


Photos of our Core Team in Action

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