In the Heart of Barton


Congratulations on the birth (or soon to be birth) of your child!

Know of our prayers for all our parents in our parishes. 

We are excited to help you baptize your child. Please contact the parish offices (SFC: 262-338-2366 or SMIC: 262-338-5600) to get more information on our baptismal preparation process. We look forward to hearing from you. There are only a few simple steps to preparing you and your child for their baptism.

  • Godparent Information Form – See below for link to form

    Choosing a godparent is exciting, but can be difficult!  “Which uncle or aunt or cousin or brother or sister or friend should I choose?” Being a godparent is not an honorary title – it is a role of responsibility and commitment.

    The godparent’s role is, together with the parent, to present the child for the sacrament and help him/her to live a life befitting a baptized Catholic Christian. To do this, a godparent must be able to affirmatively answer the following questions: 

    • I was chosen by the parents or guardians.
    • I am at least sixteen years of age.
    • I am not the father or mother of the one to be baptized.
    • I am a Catholic who has already been Confirmed, and have received the Holy Eucharist.
    • I am leading a life in harmony with the faith; i.e., practicing Catholics (attending Mass).
    • My most recent marriage was before a Catholic priest or deacon.

    For Baptism, each child must have at least one Catholic, and if two godparents are chosen, only one male and one female godparent are to be used. You may wish to have a Christian Witness (someone baptized outside of the Catholic faith) participate in your child’s baptism. One Christian Witness may be used alongside one Godparent (Catholic). 


It is possible that your closest friends and relatives are not practicing Catholics.  It is often disappointing to realize that they cannot be the godparents.  However, take heart in knowing that your choice of two practicing (one male and one female) Catholics as godparents will indicate to all your family and friends that you are putting faith first when it comes to your child.  This will inspire them!  (And your child will thank you later!)

If you have a individual who would like to inquire about the Confirmation process and/or having their marriage convalidated (blessed) in the Church, we are here to help. Our goal is never to exclude someone from being a godparent. Please let us know and we can walk through what the process is to achieve this.

Each godparent will be given a “Godparent Information Form” that you will receive at your initial meeting.  This form is signed by the godparent’s pastor(s) and indicates that the person meets the prerequisites given above.

It can be confusing, so at your first meeting at the parish, we will walk through all the steps and make it into a simple process!

Sponsor Information Form


Scheduling Your Baptism

The date of the Baptism is scheduled once the Godparent Information Forms are turned in.  Baptisms must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.